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BAV Retro Fit Kit Size Guide

Retro Fit Kit Items

T-shirt Size XS *

Outer Vest Carrier Size XS

Plate Carrier Size XS, S **

Small BAV

T-shirt Size XS, S *

Outer Vest Carrier Size XS, S

Plate Carrier Size S, M **

T-shirt Size M *

Outer Vest Carrier Size M

Tactical Vest Size S, M

Plate Carrier Size M, L **

IOTV, ESAPI Plate Size S

T-shirt Size L, XL *

Outer Vest Carrier Size L, XL

Tactical Vest Size M, L

Plate Carrier Size L, XL 

IOTV, ESAPI Plate Size M

T-shirt Size XL, 2XL *

Outer Vest Carrier Size XL, 2XL

Tactical Vest Size S, M

IOTV, ESAPI Plate Size L, XL

These five sizes fit most body armor on the market. As you all know, there are countless sizes and configurations of body armor. If one of the panel combinations you chose does not fit your kit, please email erick@ten97tech.com with the dimensions of your particular armor to see if a custom kit can be prepared for you.    

Drawings not to scale. Panel measurement tolerances +/- .125 in.